Starting again....
10:12 am - Have you already had it with 2013? Well good news!
Sunday, February 10th, 2013 is the Chinese New Year! Huzzah! Goodbye Dragon and hello to the Snake :p

I especially like this bit i read about the New Year: "The Year of the Dragon was characterized by excitement, intensity and surprises all around. However, as we transition into the Year of the Snake times will be steady, well thought out and extremely stable. Like the Snake itself, we can expect times to move along at a predictable pace most of the time, with some interesting twists and turns along the way. Just as traditional Chinese wisdom tells us that having a snake in the house is good luck, the Year of the Snake is sure to usher in good fortune for many people."


Notes: Mom is home and sounding good. Has new blood-pressure meds and hopefully finding the right medication will help a lot. Still no real answers, but feeling hopeful.

Perfume that people paid for will be going out tomorrow morning.

I'm right now having an amazing pot of tea - one of the green teas that was kind of too mild for me is now fantastic after i decided to boil it in the pot in my old way ... anybody that is clutching their pearls over that one can get stuffed :p

I was too busy yesterday to reply or mention it here, but I have yet another outfit planned w/ the incomparable Kambriel <3 This one in my traditional red/black. Once i know what my financial goal there is i'm going to try and stick to my budget and hopefully get that money together via more sales. It's the only way i can balance what is best for me and K financially since his work is again pretty spotty and the money i make needs to go to bills and stuff ... and what i need in my life to make me happy. Wish me selling luck!

Oh, I also have a very pretty Loli dress coming to me from a good friend (paid for in better times) and i'm going to enjoy the HELL out of that dress on Valentine's day. It is pink and brown! whoa!


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